Septic inspections are a must when purchasing a Lake of the Ozarks home

septic inspection

There are big changes coming to the Ozarks in regards to the inspection of Septic Systems when homes are being purchased. A standard real estate inspection does not include a septic inspection. Some County’s such as Stone County, MO have mandatory septic inspections at the time of property ownership transfer. 

There is potential for thousands of homes in the Lake of the Ozarks to be totally shut off from any water consumption. In many areas you can’t just go in and install a new septic system, you have to have a certain distance from the water and enough space for your drain field. Many lake houses are pumping their wastewater uphill to neighboring lots that have adequate room for a proper septic system. These types of systems are quite expensive and will not work as well due to the grinder pump that must break down the solids before pumping uphill. There is also the land requirement, if you don’t have a lot that you can purchase and pump to you may not have any options at all.

Inspection vs Evaluation

There is a major difference between an inspection and an evaluation. An evaluation does not include a Hydraulic Load Test. A hydraulic load test should be performed for all inspections unless the home has not been occupied within the last 6 months.

A full inspection is a complete assessment of the Septic System, the pumps, timers, tank, soil absorption field will all be inspected. A hydraulic load test will also be performed to ensure the system will accept the daily anticipated wastewater flow.

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